by Gaby

Mixed feelings

Even if we are on the same page, there are two topics that I would avoid talking at all cost, religion and most of all politics. These two topics are so divisive that I much rather to avoid. That being said, I do have very strong feelings about one of them, especially about our current state in “management”. So much so that I also have strong feelings against people or organizations that support and promote our current management and I hate it. Why? Well, I have people close to me, friends or just or acquaintances that I have known for years, that they all have had an impact in my life in one way or another. Until, I find that they, just like me, have a strong feeling in their ideals and politics. That is not the real issue, this is not about left wing or right wing thing, at least to me. It’s is more about supporting a thing (I say a thing because I can’t think of him as someone) that goes against everything that it’s been a decent human. It makes me disassociate from this person and I hate that, because deep down I like this person. But when you support a thing as bad and as inhuman as it is and so strongly that you can’t see all it’s bad, it is hard for me to separate that from the person and accept it.

Today for example, I had to stop unfollowing someone I considered a friend because of this. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. A little bit of “how could you?” As in some kind of betrayal and grieving in a way. Also I’m mad at this person and want to say something but it is not right “you’re supporting everything that is wrong with this country”.

My Instagram timeline should be back to normal now I guess 😉

It’s so hard, trying not to judge a person’s character based on this shit.