Cornfield buzz

It is not quite a year yet, it will be in a few days, since I have been at my current job and working for this company. I remember my first week still, especially since it was also my first experience with a grow out study. I remember I met my new team and Ellen whom I see as my mentor. Well, I had met Ellen during the interviews period but this was our first time working together. Our first work together was actually reading a cornfield 🌽

Now, almost a year later, I am reading my second cornfield. This time though, I am all alone-ish. For obvious reasons she can’t fly out here to Idaho, she works remotely from another state. Lucky for me, there are people on-site, that have done this for many years and offered to help me out. One of them came out today and gave a good “Reading corn 101” rundown. You could tell he knew his stuff so I took advantage of that. I asked him every question I could have imagine, from the most “stupid” one, to the most relevant. We walked the field and did some readings together and then he left me by myself. At this point I was confident enough, put on my Power Beats Pro and started reading – reading and counting.

It is nice, to be out there in the field, just me, my thoughts and my music. However, there was something else. As I am walking up and down the plot, I noticed a different sound, it wasn’t coming from my PBPs or from someone else. I took my PBPs off and stood there in silence. I had totally forgotten, or didn’t even though of it until then. The corn’s tassels! There are full of pollen! What I was hearing was all the buzzing from the bees 🐝 and it was loud. It was both amazing and a little worrying, in a way 😅. Imagine yourself in the middle of all these corn plants and there’s no other sound but this loud buzzing. No cars, no people no machines or any other sounds but the buzzing.

As long as I don’t get stung, this will be fun! Not a fan of being covered in pollen but… What can you do?

Gaby/mL @Gaby