We, went out shopping today 🙁. Preschool shopping for Marley to be exact 😭. Yes, our oldest is going to preschool, starting this September. I am not going to lie, I am little nervous about this, part of me isn’t ready el-oh-el. I am also scared, and it is not much so about COVID but more about Marley. Like how is she going to behave or how other kids are gonna treat her. Will she listen and follow instructions? Will she be the difficult kid in the group? Marley has a very strong character and I can tell she has “very strong leadership skills”, and very strong headed. I love all of that about her, even if it drives me crazy-town banana-pants at times. She also has a great heart and can be the sweetest kid.

Many times i get in my head that how your kid behaves at places and/or in situations it’s how you are going to be judged as a parent or as a person. Does that makes sense? I want my kid to be at her best behavior and be the best version of herself she can be (whatever that is), but I know that is not a hundred percent possible. Me, as a parent can do the best I can but also know that kids will be kids. I do think about this a lot and I am not sure if that really matters.

Being a parent is not an easy task and so far we have only needed to deal with immediate family. Now, it will be other kids, teachers and other parents. Things will get complicated. Maybe I am overthinking the whole thing, most likely because I have never gone through this before.

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