by Gaby

How I use Linky for my posts

One of my most used “blogging-tools” is a nice little app called Linky. Its original intend is to share links to either or Twitter and Mastodon, and I rarely used it like so. I mainly use it to create markdown posts for movies, music, articles, etc. Although it doesn’t format everything to markdown, it gives me everything I need.

The first thing I did was to make sure the app it’s configured in a way that will allow me to do everything I need form it.

So I go into settings > Extension settings and I make sure that insert image automatically it’s on, I also turn on universal music links for whenever I’ll share music of course and most importantly, show share button.

One category I have in my blog is Music Likes. Whenever i share a song or album to my blog, it goes into that category.

Let’s take this song Si Se Tiran by Jowell & Randy & Don Omar as an example.

From here I share the song via the share sheet and select Linky.

Then Linky will open the share extension menu thingy.

Here is all I need, yes it is not markdown formatted but from here its easy. The important thing now is the share button. From it, in my case, I will be “sharing”, again, but to the app.

Then from here is just about formatting it and add comments or/and emojis (that’s how I filter my posts and they go to the right category 😉) and post. Also notice that the art carries over to the app as well.

I am sure there is a fancier more automated way to do this but this is how I go about it for now. It works well and it is actually not time consuming. Well, now it at least on the iPhone, with the keyboard disappearing every time on iOS 14 beta 4 😜. The same way work on the iPhone and again, I also use it to share movies, tv shows and et al.