by Gaby

Funny Changelog

  • Changed themes again, back to Kiko. Archie was a good experiment but I like how Kiko behaves better. Plus I like having my On this Day page and it did not seem to work well with Archie.
  • Also added “you can also email me” option in my About me page. Hopefully I wont regret this. Also I am proud myself about figuring out how to actually make it work 😜

That es it for now.

Funny story!

Yesterday I went to get a haircut, with my lifetime friend Tia. I don’t remember how we got to the topic but we were joking about memes. Especially about the ones like “pick your last name and the name of your first mascot and that will be you mad max name” or something like that. Then she asks me;

Tia: Okay, name the street where you grew up in and your first mascot and that will be your stripper name.

Me: Well, that’s going to be boring, the street I grew up as a kid was San Jose and my fort pet, was a chicken. See? Boring.

Tia: (laughing) I think that doesn’t sounds bad at all “and here he comes The San Jose Chicken, he’s got a lot of c🐔Ck

Me: 😂🤣🤣😂

Too damn funny to not share it, stay cocky my friends.