An Abyssmal little rant

Yes, I can’t have enough of Neon Abyss which I wrote I wee bit about it not long ago. But god can it get ducking frustrating! So far, I have defeated 3 of the Managers, the last one being Zeus. The next manager is Ares. Unlike the previous Managers, this boss needs to be unlocked. How is it unlocked? Well, it’s a pain, literally and figuratively 😅. You need to get hurt, a lot in order to unlock Ares’s secret chamber were you do get to pick an item but not after sacrificing one of your hearts ♥️. Once you in that room, make the sacrifice and pick your item, randomly, you may or may not get Ares’s token, which is what you need to unlock him as a boss fight. Meaning you could go through the entire run, beating all the dungeons and beating all the previous managers and not get to fight Ares.

There are two things that have made this impossible for me so far, well, three actually. One, like I’ve said before, even if you get to access the secret room in every dungeon, you may be out of luck and don’t get the token, beat every boss and return to the bar and start over. Second, you may get it, upgrade your way up and get beaten by one of the Managers. The third and most frustrating and very aggravating — bugs and performance issues. Today, actually not very long before typing this, I was having the best run I’ve had all day. I managed to get the token on the second try, which meant I didn’t have to sacrifice many hearts ♥️. I had about 15-20 mascots doing all sorts of amazing stuff for me. My weapon was ridiculously overpowered and awesome! And had maxed out the amount of shields 🛡 I can have. I was about to go to the last dungeon before fighting Zeus again and subsequently, Ares. When all of the sudden, the game quits because an “unexpected error” 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 And is not like I’ll be back where I left off, I am back at the bar and will have to start all over again. This performance issues are all over the game, at least on the Nintendo Switch version. I know the also have some bugs on the PC version as well.

All these three reasons mentioned above, are what’s making the game not as enjoyable anymore and very frustrating. I love the game and everything about it except, it’s bugs and performance issues.

Almost as bad as iOS 14 beta 4 🤭😅

Gaby/mL @Gaby