Corn tired.

I am tired, in fact I am exhausted today. These days out in the field plus trying to adjust back to the morning work schedule again, it is taking a toll. I am having a hard time reminding myself that “hey, we go to bed no later than 9-9:30PM”. What I do is I stay up until 10-10:30PM or more, playing video games or watching a tv show, then I have to wake up at 4:00AM so I have time to get ready and be at work by 5:00AM.

The field work is what’s killing me at the moment. It is not like other fields I have been were I am just straight up walking back and forth gathering data. That’s how this one should have been but because of unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t do my thing when I was supposed to. My task this week has been doing stand counts on a corn field and all the plants are at a height that just straight up walking and looking down won’t work. I have to squat down and walk. I have muscles in my thighs that I had forgotten I had 😅 At least my back isn’t hurting, I think I have done a pretty good job with keeping my posture the right way, my feet though, they’re another story.

I do have a pretty nice pair of hiking 🥾 boots, I did learned pretty early that high-end production-like boots aren’t good for this particular task. They are heavy and bulky, so I got hiking boots instead. They are light and far much more comfortable and still, my feet are hurting, I refuse to walk for the rest of the day today 🖕🏽

What’s sad about the whole thing is that I didn’t get to finish. Out of 510 rows, only managed to count 441 of them in three days with only 3 hours to work on that each day. Which means I need to finish on Monday. On the bright side, it is Friday so I’ll have time to rest properly over the weekend. And just to, in a couple of week down the road, comeback to the same field and get a different set of data. At least by then the plants will be full grown and it’ll be a lot easier.

Dang it, now that I think about it, I should have counted those hours as workouts with the Apple Watch. I mean, I was squatting after all. No? Okay…

Gaby/mL @Gaby