Steamed diapers

If you’re a parent or someone that deals with babies on a daily basis, you most likely will understand or relate to this. Babies, they have the best life, all they do is sleep, being cute, eat, poop, and repeat. Is their way of life, all day every day. Every parent or family have their own ways (or system) when it comes to managing dirty diapers. You may have a special device/place for them, a poopy bin as i call it, or they simply go to the trash. Or at least those are the two ways in which I’ve had to dealt with. No matter which way you go about disposing dirty diapers, in most cases, they’ll end up on the trash bin that eventually a truck will come a pick up. Our Big trash bin lives outside of the house, by the garage and most of the year, when temperatures are temperate, all is good and even better in the winter. But when it’s summer when temperatures are relatively high for a period of consecutive days, well, them diapers steam inside. Eventually you might have to open said bin for something and when you do 💩 😷… Steamed diapers.

Gaby/mL @Gaby