Wear your ducking mask!

This is what’s very frustrating about this pandemic. Most of us are being responsible. We wash our hands, we avoid unnecessary crowded places, and if we go out we wear our masks. And then you have the idiots, yes idiots and I think I am being nice. My wife works in the medical field. She works at a local hospital, in a place I’m gonna call a shoebox. She keeps social distance when she can, she washes her hands constantly and wears her mak. Unfortunately for her, and consequently for me as well, some idiots think wearing a mask is too much of an inconvenience. They don’t see it as being courteous to others by keeping others safe as well as themselves. In other words, they are just not idiots, they are assholes.

Last week, someone that I’ll call idiot B, shows up at the shoebox sick, moreover, Idiot B doesn’t wear a mask. Why he doesn’t? Well, he’s an idiot. What’s even more baffling is the shoebox’s owners that don’t call people out when this happens. Idiot B worked, sick the entire week and it wasn’t until Monday that he was sent home and get tested for COVID-19.

My wife had been having a little bit of a cold, but because she had been working closely with idiot B, she got sent home and to get tested.

I had been cleared to come back to the office a week or so ago, after receiving a call from my wife about her been tested and sent home, I had to report this to my manager. My company’s guidelines and protocols about this are very strict. After talking to the appropriate people and lots of questioning I was deemed high risk. Therefore I am not able to return to the office until August 14th. The worst part of all of this for me was the wait for the results. I wake up every morning with a stuffy nose, allergies are normal for me. However knowing that the possibility of something is something, it terrifying. I doubt myself. “Is this just allergies or do I actually have COVID?” “I am feeling hot, I should check my temperature.” In my mind, I was sick and imagining the worse.

My wife’s test results came back yesterday and she is negative for COVID-19. She is cleared to come back to work by Friday. Me on the other hand, I was told, “According to the guidelines, she tested too early. She will have to test again so we can clear you to come back to the site”

This is just one example of why this whole thing is so frustrating, you do all you can to protect yourself ad others but you can’t count on others to do the same. At this point, I feel like it is inevitable and we will get sick at one point unless we all take this seriously. Especially in my state were cases are rising up every day.

Anyway, if you read this, all I ask of you is, please, don’t be an asshole and wear your ducking mask!

Gaby/mL @Gaby