by Gaby

It's all me now

It hasn’t been as year yet since I have been at my current job. Without getting into much details, one of my duties is to visit fields, of different crops and gather data. My first experience at this particular task was on my very first week – corn. At the time it was what we call the second reading the first time it’s just stem count, basically count every plant on the field. This year’s study is ready to be counted, which I had done before but different that was much to “read”, and I was not alone. At the time I was with my “trainers” sort to speak. Well, because of COVID, the one person I’d normally do this with and learn from, can’t travel. This means, it is all me – yikes! I mean the task isn’t rocket science but I can’t deny that I am a little nervous. What if I read the planting map wrong?, What if I count what i am not supposed to count? What if I miss anything? Is this what they call Impostor Syndrome?

Either way, it’s my job and I will do my best, but can’t shake the fear off insecurity, especially with something that I have – in a way – never done. Then again, there is very little I can mess up on and if I do the field will still be there next day. Sometime this week I will take my field supplies, mapping and data sheet, stand of front of the field, pray and may god have mercy on us! 😂😂