Second day, or third ?

Third day of the work week but my second day back at the office. Yesterday, Lunai wasn’t feeling well and grandma was recuperating from a small surgery and so, I had to stay home with the girls.

The paranoia at work is real people. Things do feel a little more normal but still. If I leave my desk the first thing I do is to grab a paper towel, spray it with disinfectant that I have by the door and open every door with that paper towel. Do whatever that it is that I need to do inside the main building, usually use the restroom or pour hot water into my oatmeal container and head back. And I do the same process on my way back. Spray a paper towel with the solution we have at work and open every door using that. Get to my desk or office area and before I touch anything else, I wipe my hands with hand sanitizer.

Beyond those two things, I don’t leave my desk or office area for anything at all.

Gaby/mL @Gaby