Never leave the desk

I need to find ways to avoid leaving my desk at work at all costs, as employee’s cases have begun to rise. Bad timing, I guess. I bring coffee from home, therefore I do not need to go to the breakroom for that. As for breakfast, usually, I would have some “instant oatmeal” needing only hot water, and usually, I’d go to the breakroom for that. I guess I am going to have to find a different meal. For lunch, I don’t even worry since my day ends by 11:00 am and can have lunch at home. The problem is using the restroom. Technically there is a restroom right by the side entrance to the main building, the one is closer to the trailer in which my office is located. Little to none interaction with people when using that one. However, for whatever reason, we can’t use that side of the building, not only need to use the farthest door from the trailer but also the farthest restrooms, I need to walk by a few offices and laboratories. On top of that, I need to remember to wipe every doorknob I touch along the way, on my way in and out.

I know the company is taking every precaution to keep us safe, but there’s also so much they can do. We as employees need to comply and be better when we are not at work. Also, I am glad that I work in a space were my interaction with the main building is virtually nonexistent. Except when a “bio-break” is needed, of course. Wearing masks at all times is mandatory. Like I have said before, there are disinfectant spray bottles and wipes by every door, access to parts of the building are limited to certain groups and not all employees are on-site at the same time, we have two different shifts.

Gaby/mL @Gaby