by Gaby

A TickTick surprise

Every now and then when trying to optimize my workflows I find a neat surprise, something I wasn’t expecting to like. The other day while I was doing my day job stuff, I found myself needing to “jot-down” some tasks quickly before I forgot. I had uninstalled Todoist from my work computer, really not sure why, but I remembered I still had TickTick installed. I opened it up, launched it and starting entering tasks into it. The best feature TickTick on Windows has (or so I thought) is the Widget. Unlike Todoist, TickTick comes with a nice looking widget you can have always present on the desktop, so I always have a view of my daily tasks without having to actually open or the web app. Yesterday though, I had discovered by accident what I think now is its best feature – Quick Add. No matter where I am I can use “Ctrl + Shift + A”, to quickly capture tasks. The way I discover this, I do a lot of “Save As” for many documents at work “Ctrl + Shift + S” instead I clicked “A” and TickTick’s quick add shows up. This blew my mind! Sometimes is the little features like this that make things a whole lot better. I have tried TickTick many times in the past, never sticking with me. I am still playing around with it and so far it’s been used exclusively for work. This app has been one of those that, I know it’s good but never quite liked the user interface and such. Who knows, maybe it will sneak its way into my personal life too but, at this point, I doubt it.


I might be retuning to the office soon, as soon as next week. Just waiting to hear from my Boss, I might be either working morning shift, 5:00am to 11:00 am, or 11:30am to 5:30pm. That are just making sure which one is the safest for me in my area.