Photo itch

For a few weeks now I have had this urge to go out to the streets and snap a couple of shots. I miss it. All the pictures I have taken for the past four months have been in my house or at the patio. No street photography, no cars, people or street art. I have an itch that need to be scratched.

I have been thinking, maybe after I drop the girls at grandma’s in the morning, I could drive downtown, snap a couple of pictures and head-back to the house. Downtown Boise is not that big so it won’t take me more than an hour to visit my usual spots and walk around a bit. It also will be early enough to avoid any crowds and yet, I sort of hesitate with the idea. With the COVID-19 and the numbers of cases quickly rising again, I worry a bit.

Again, I would take all the precautions, wear my mask, keeping social distance, pepper spray in case someone gets too close (I kid, I kid). Maybe I can do it, again Downtown Boise isn’t the busiest and crowded area, at least in the morning hours.

Gaby/mL @Gaby