by Gaby

πŸ”— Selling Oly

Olympus Is Selling Its Camera Business to Japan Industrial Partners - Technology News

Olympus has announced that it is selling its camera division to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). This is the same company that acquired Sony’s Vaio computer division, and it is now looking to absorb popular Olympus brands like Zuiko and OM-D.

Oh wow, this is kind of a big deal. What does this means to me, I am not sure. I currently own an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III and a few prime lenses. I do enjoy the camera and always had a desire for other products in the Olympus line. Of course I have picked at other camera manufacturers but the ones that attracts me the most are far over my budget (looking at you Leica).

At the end of the day this probably won’t change anything for me but we shall see.