Pal carajo la mente sana...

Back in the day, I want to say mid 90’s, there used to be this reggaeton (Puerto Rican rap thing) duo called Las Güanabanas Podridas (The Rotten Soursops). They had a famous song that would go something like,

Y pal carajo la mente sana, yo lo que quiero es marigüana

Meaning, “screw healthy/sane mind, I just want marijuana”. Mostly making fun of the propaganda that we had a the time against drugs. Healthy body, healthy mind kind of thing.

Well, turns out, these days, if you want to maintain your sanity and mental health in check. Some may argue that a little bit of marijuana goes a long way 😅, plus it’s legal in several states.

That being said, I do not smoke/consume marijuana or anything of the sorts. I just happened to be listening to the song a minute ago and made me think. 😁

Gaby/mL @Gaby