Hard days

On my road to getting back into staying active and exercising more regularly, there are hard days like today. Yesterday was leg day and I haven’t worked out as I did in a long while. It was a decent kettlebell leg sesh. The usual workout goes like this:


  • 7 KB Thrusters per side
  • 60 seconds rest

10 min EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

  • 8 walking lunges
  • 8 double-handed swings

I modified the second part of the sesh. I quickly realized that I currently don’t have the “stamina” of doing this on EMOM. I noticed I was been too slow and only had about 12 seconds of rest in between rounds. So instead I would complete the 8 lounges and the 8 double-handed swings and rest 30-45 seconds in between rounds, sometime seven 60 seconds for good quality rounds.

Today, well, I am sore, very very sore! Also, I feel exhausted, usually, leg days do kick my butt and I need a good night rest which I didn’t have last night. My fault though, I stayed up too late playing Halo. I had finished Halo 4 and quickly moved on to Halo 5. SO today I am having a hard time focusing a little bit due to the lack of rest.

Gaby/mL @Gaby