Marley Goes to the Dentist

Today was Marley's first visit to the Dentist, like ever, a pediatric one of course. Believe me when said that I was probably as nervous as she could have or even more. I had no idea how this was gonna go down. Will she freak out? Will she whine a lot? Will I freak out? Etc. Neither Marley or me have ever been to this place before.

Well the place was really inviting, as soon as we walked in everyone was super nice and attentive, and they had a nice playground on the waiting area (which I was assured they disinfect after each visit). The place must be new because it looked very clean, smelled good and, again, looked new.

Once we got called in, my daughter transformed. She was supper compliant and extremely ā€” and unusually ā€” quiet. But who can blame her? She got her teeth pictures taken with no issues whatsoever. Then the pet I was more worried about, the cleaning and the check-up. During this whole process the entire staff was very friendly towards Marley, and me, making Marley feel comfortable.

It was super cool! They got her headphones and sunglasses on. She had Toy Story playing on the ceiling and everything! Iā€™m not gonna lie, I want to start coming here too if I could- šŸ˜…. And again, she did so good! She never complaint, she never whinnied and she was very compliant to every instruction. I would say this went as good as I could have hoped!

Very proud of Marley.

Gaby/mL @Gaby