Another Reason Why.

I had an aha! moment of sorts today, or rather it was last night. As I had mentioned before, my gaming console of choice for the pasts few months has been the Nintendo Switch. There are many reasons like ease of use, you pick it up and play. You can continue – very easily – were you left off in the game. The portability of the device, it can play it on the tv (which is rare that I do) or handheld, this way I can play while others are using the main tv. But last night I had another thought, so many of the games on the platform are relatively cheap! Or at least the ones I gravitate around the most. Yes, they might be at the same price in other consoles, but there’s something about indie games that feel right at home when played on the Switch.

Which by-the-way. Have you all checked Huntdown yet? It looks so Metal!

Gaby/mL @Gaby