by Gaby

Is It Laziness

It’s been a weird couple of weeks, hell a weird couple of months! Ever since the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders hit everything it’s been Crazy-Town Banana-Pants in many ways. The thing in my mind recently has been both my mental and physical health, mostly my physical. I think I was doing pretty good about working out at home, putting the time and effort. Then I had some back issues that needed to be taken care of. Today I actually had my last session with my therapist. Everything it’s back to normal and in the event things get uncomfortable again, I know exactly what to do.

That being said, I haven’t actually been working out for a few weeks now, other than running. I think the reason I have picked up running is mainly because it gets me out of the house. Working out requires me to be inside. Yes, I can workout in my backyard but still, I rather go out to the wilderness of my subdivision. It’s either that or I have just become lazy.

Running seems like a good thing to do, it’s good cardio and helps me mentally.