by Gaby

On Microcasting

For a while, probably months now, I have been having this itch to start a Microcast. I have had different ideas, for example, one was to talk about my day while commuting from work back to my house. Which now thinking about it, that would have been a bad maybe. As far as audio quality possibly? Anyhow, Now with the whole staying at home and working from the home deal I, one, have more time to do such things and two I am alone at home. The wife works at a hospital so she still has to come into work and the little ones go from one controlled environment, our house to another controlled environment, their grandparents. Otherwise, there is no way I could get any work done. Thus, I have a quiet house for myself for a few hours.

Yesterday I was listening to the Microcast Studio show by Jean MacDonald to see if maybe by listening to it I would pick up a few things that would give me some encouragement to start off. Also, is giving, for lack of a better term, free Microcast hosting until the end of April, so it’s a great chance to experiment. Although the few episodes I got to listened to were very encouraging, the one thing that I picked up and stuck in my brain was audio quality. And, this is a little biased because it is something I have been thinking about and my main excuse to not get into the Microcasting wagon. And that is not having a decent or dedicated podcasting microphone. Which is BS too because I have made a few appearances in the past, on three different podcasts, and not having a mic didn’t prevent me from saying “duck it, Imma ducking doet!“.

Still, I went down the rabbit hole, again, on finding different mics, some of them had been recommended to me by some friends only to find out that most of them are currently out of stock or there are very pricey, at least on the Amazons. This also got me thinking. Do I really want or need a dedicated mic for what I need/want to do?

My idea right now is just to, what would normally be a short post of a though or whatever it may be, instead of posting it in text format, do it in audio. Maybe it’ll be a 3 min cast or 10, whatever. Perhaps I don’t need a dedicated mic. Maybe My EarPods are good enough. It is not like I am trying to make a living out of this or a professional thing. But at the same time, I would like to put out something nice or decent. Also it just occurred to me that I’ve got two different kinds of headsets that I use for either gaming or Zoom calls for work. Maybe I should test with those, hm! Yesterday though, I did record a few things just to play around and experiment, using my EarPods. I tested both Wavelength and Ferrite. Ferrite’s audio file seemed to have a little bit better quality over Wavelength ’s and also picked up more extra sounds, like me pacing back and forth around the house. Now, it would be a matter of posting the audio. I am sure that with Wavelength will be just as easy as posting a blog post from the app, not much tinkering from my part. With Ferrite I am not sure hows that going to work per se. I am pretty sure it’s not rocket science but when I am about to learn something I have never done before I rather have as less friction as possible. At least until I figure things out and dare to add more complexity to it.

Alright! That was a lot of rambling!