For the past few months I have been having some minor lower-back pains. For the longest time I have been trying to figure out where that pain was coming from. First I thought it was from Luna’s baby carrier and the way I wasn’t handling it. The baby’s rocking chair or my couch or maybe I did something weird while working out, etc. And possibly, all of the above.

Recently it became a little more clear that it was a lack of stretching of my part. For the past few months I have really kicked of my workouts and not skipping leg day (😅). But I hadn’t been stretching before or after my workouts at all, tsk tsk tsk. I should have know better.

About a week ago or so I found some stretching exercises, especially to prevent lower-back issues. Which it either was too late or I did something right that then on Saturday felt worse!

Thing is, today I went to a physical therapist, just to make sure I was still salvageable (😅). Well turned out, I was right, all my pains are related with me not stretching out properly. So they got me all unbroken and sent me home with some exercises. I feel way better, still I’ll make a move that will trigger some pain but it’s much much bearable than before mostly when sitting down for too long.

I am going to take a couple of days to work on my stretching and healing before I kick back into my workouts and such.


Can someone explain to me toddler’s obsession with trash bins and toilets please! 🙈

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