The Mission.

My Mission is to go out and get groceries, and it scares me a little bit. Normally we would get our groceries these days from Walmart. We would order online and go pick it up, almost no interaction with other humans. But the quality or the availability of things it’s a gamble and many times we either don’t get enough of something or other things we don’t get at all.

Today I have been handed the task of going out, into the wilderness of our local Albertson’s and buy some groceries. Usually, when I go in-person to our local Albertson’s, it’s for an in-and-out kind of thing. Grab some chips and queso, beer, milk – out! Today it will be different and I will be spending more time in the store that I would like but it needs to be done. Luckily this is not a very crowded location, the people that go there are very conscious of the social distancing and giving some space, for the most part. Obviously, there will be a situation in which two people might end up to close to each other because, you know, limited space.

At least I will be by myself and at the moment there won’t be anyone in the house Workplace when I get back. I will wear my super magical mask, my Superman hoodie (never go out without my Superman hoddie these days), I have my hand sanitizer and I’ll take care of everything and clean before the people that think that live in my Workplace comeback.

Gaby/mL @Gaby