Good Friday

I totally forgot that Good Friday is today! The reason I knew was only because yesterday I was chatting with one of my coworkers and before we finished our conversation he said, “enjoy your three-day weekend”. I was confused and had to ask him why and he replied “Good Friday, no workie”. Now that today I woke up knowing this fact, all this things are going through my head.

Puerto Rico it is very religious, or at least when I was raised, Good Friday is like a big thing. You can’t go out, school is closed, actually school is closed the entire week. Some business were closed too, going out was frown upon, playing loud music — was frown upon. It was a day were everyone stayed home, watching Christian movies all day on almost every channel because regular programming was portably also frown upon.

I even remember when my birthday for whatever reason, it would fall on this week, it would have suck if it was on Good Friday. Luckily for me, the few times I remember my birthday, as a teenager, falling on this week was either Saturday or Sunday — phew!

So, right now I am blasting music, I am planning on doing yard work and who knows what else. In other words, I will be committing sin (😆).

Gaby/mL @Gaby

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