by Gaby

Not a Girl.

Today something funny happened, at least to me was funny (πŸ˜†). It is not the first time that has happened but the first time at my new job. Most of my interactions with other people from the company are via email and until today, I had no profile picture in either my Skype or email. In β€œthe real world” I go by Gaby, that’s how I have been called by friends and most of my family since junior high. When I first moved to the US and some still, call me Gabe (which I kinda don’t like much but whatever) and many others, call me Gabz (this one it’s more than fine too).

So I guess, apparently Gaby, it is more associated as a girl’s name, here and probably in other places. But back home (Puerto Rico) it’s associated with either or but mostly as a guy’s nickname.

So, I have been having lots of interactions with the same lady over email and Skype messaging for the past few weeks. Today in particularly, she had a few more requests than normal to which I always replied and helped her out in no time.

At some point she sends me a message on Skype.

Girl you are on a roll today, You’re on fire!


I honestly laugh, a lot. Then I took a few minutes to think how to respond to her and disappoint her by revealing I am not a girl but a guy (πŸ˜…).

So I replied:

Of course…. and sorry to disappoint you but I am not a girl but I am on fire πŸ”₯😜😁

(emojis included)

To she was shocked I guess and very apologetic about it. Of course, by this point, I’m so used to this type of β€œconfusion” that I told her to not worry about it (πŸ˜…). I was not offended in any way, I am sure there are other people in the company that are presuming I’m girl too. So I had to do what I have not been wanting to do, which is putting a profile picture. The reason I’ve never done it before it’s because I hate pictures of me, for whatever reason and the one picture I may like about myself, I am holding a beer (πŸ˜…).

Anyway, I put on the one that’s on my LinkedIn profile thingy and called it good. Now, let’s see how many other will be mind blown by this reveal.