What to do, what to do?

As every year goes, for my birthday, I get a lot, well not like a lot lot but some gift cards and such from different members of my family. This year was not the exception. But, here’s my conundrum. What do I do with all of it (😅)? As we all, I always want things, I’ve got a list of things I want, whether it’s video games, movies or and something from the AppStore. Those things that are in the back of your head “I’ll buy that when I get some extra money or credits, what have you”. So when I finally get some, let’s say credits, to spend I can’t decide what I want to spend them on(😩).

The first thing I usually do is that I go to the Nintendo eShop and look through my wishlist. I have many games in there and I want them all but when “credits” are limited I have to make decisions and those are hard. Not only that there are other games up for pre-order that I know for sure I would want to play. What if I pre-order those instead? I don’t know if I am gonna be able to in a month or two from now when those games are available.

Then there is this one game in particular, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, this game has been in my wishlist since forever. The game at this point it’s two-years-old, I belive, and the digital copy it’s quite spendy still. Here is the thing about this game. I am a huge Musou-game-style fan. My first experience with this genre was with Dynasty Warriors 3 and this game made me fell in love with the Hack and slash/you vs a 1000 people style of game. I have played every single iteration of these games since. Then it was Samurai Warriors, same game but set in Japan and later on came The Warriors Orochi series, which combines both universes into one game. So, WO4 would be technically the 5th game in the Orochi series, and at this point, by combining all the characters in these two series, there is about a hundred and twenty playable characters total. This is one of these games that I know for sure I will play over and over again and yet I hesitate. Should I? Should I not?

  • “😇 Trails of Mana it’s coming out on the twentieth twenty-fourth, you should pre-order that instead”.

  • “😈 But Warriors Orochi, hack and slash bruuuu, mass-murdering!”

Decisions, Decisions.

Gaby/mL @Gaby

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