Curse of the Rings.

I think Apple did a good thing when they introduced the activity app and the activity rings back a century ago. It definitely gave people a way to stay motivated to move, being active and stay healthy-ish. But with that also came, well, a lot of shaming – more like self-shaming – and guilt. Especially when someone posts their activity history, “I have closed all my rings this month”, well Fick dich good for you – 😜.

Seriously though, I know I want to be active, I like working out and keeping track of my activity but obsessing over the rings can be discouraging too. There are days I can’t close all of my rings, for whatever reason. Or there are times where I know I should listen to my body and rest but the guilt of not closing the rings takes over and then I end up hurting myself.

I think what I am trying to say is, I want to stop caring about whether I close the rings or not. Not saying I am going to stop being active and try my best to be healthy and try to close them, just not obsess over them. Or maybe I can just adjust my numbers in such a way I can close them every time with little to no effort – 😜😁.


Tomorrow (March 31st) I’ll level up – 🎂.

Gaby/mL @Gaby

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