New Toys!

We got new phones! Today we received two iPhone 11’s, one for me and one for zee lady. Mine was waiting at the doorstep this morning when I got back from dropping the girls off at the Grandparents (that is the only “outing” I am allowed to do nowadays unless it’s for supplies, that is). The second one was delivered in the afternoon and the driver came to the door, we kept a distance, he asked for my last name and there went. It felt safe and weird at the same time. And of course, in both cases, I opened the package, left the outer packaging outside (either straight to the recycling bin or in the garage) and used disinfectant wipes for the phone boxes. I wonder if that was a little overkill? Meh! The paranoia is real! Also scary.

At this point, I have had pretty much all day to play a little bit and get some initial impressions. First off, I had totally forgot that this phone has a 6.1” screen, I am coming from and iPhone XS which is 5.8”, I think. Even though the size difference is not that dramatic, yet, it is still noticeable to me. It kinda felt the same way it did when I went from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6, it will take me a day or two to get used to it. One of the things everyone raves about this new generation of phones is the camera. So far, I have only taken one or two pictures and there’s definitely some quality difference between the 11 and the now-old iPhone XS. More on that later I guess. Another thing I am gonna have to get used to now is no 3D Touch, I first noticed it when I was trying to activate the cursor by 3D touching (is 3D touching a verb? meh!) in the middle of the keyboard. Now, I have to long-press on the spacebar to activate the cursor thingy.

But yeah, the phone is pretty bitchin’.

That’s all for today’s tale, come back next week for more nonsense like this one. Same Gabz-time, same Gabz-channel.

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