Life From My Secret Bunker, Day Three.

Today it was a little different. Had a little bit of trouble signing in to the VPN, not big deal, it was eventually resolved. Had to change my password since in one of my attempts to sign-in I accidentally typed my password into the work group-chat 🤦🏻‍♂️. But that’s not here nor there.

In the afternoon had to take Luna to the doctor. She have been a little fussy and touching her right ear a lot, so mama was worried it could be an ear infection. I was pretty sure it was the just fact that she’s teething but, me-lady insisted. Long story short, no ear infection, just a teething syndrome — as they call it.

More Zelda, I got to ‘rescue’ one of the devine beats! So far so good, I don’t feel tired of it, yet. We shall see.

We played outside! Once we got back from the doctor’s office, it was nice enough outside for me and the girls to play outside in our backyard. We did have a lot of fun!


Marley re-decorated my workout space a little bit by adding more “coworkers”

Gabriel S @Gaby

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