I suck at gaming sometimes.

Have you ever been a fan of a franchise or genre of games, that you are very fan of but can’t play them or being good at them? For whatever reason. I do! There are a few games that I love the idea, the story, the entire lore about them, but man, do I suck at playing them.

A few examples,

Mortal Kombat, love this franchise, i love everything about it, but I suck at fighting games. Especially trying to remember combos and how to od fatalities and such! I can’t remember which one it was, but i was so glad he had cheat-codes to do falatilies. Another fighting game/franchise I have always loved is Street Fighter and I am probably actually decent at this one.

  • Castlevania, another franchise I have followed throughout the years, my favorite probably been SON. Again, I have no patience for them, sometimes they can be too difficult or too annoying, love them regardless.

  • Final Fantasy, love them, I own a couple of them on different systems and have probably never have finished them. This is the case with many RPGs or JRPGs, I love everything about them and I buy them, start playing them and at some point, i lose interest or they turn to be “difficult” or tedious, feel like i am doing chores. Whatever the case may be, and even so, I keep being a fan of them and buying them.

A few examples of those;

  • Zelda, I have actually finished just a few of them. Keep trying to play BoW but the same thing, I feel like I am doing chores.
  • Almost any Shin Megami Tensei game
  • Star Ocean, I have played many of them and almost always don’t finish them.
  • Metroid, love Metroid and always get excited every time a new one gets announced or talked about, very rarely have finished on of them and probably i don’t longer have the patience for them.
  • Pokemon, The only ones I have actually finished, Pearl, Let’s Go Pikachu and Sword
  • Resident Evil, I think the only Resident Evil I played from start to finish was Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 5. The only reason I was able to finish RE2 was that I had my budy, on the phone with me throughout most of the game. Prepping me to what was to come and what to do. RE5, well, that one wasn’t scary at all so. RE4, couldn’t continue it, it was too scary, I remmber. When the Remake for RE2 was announced I got excited, I remember I downloaded the demo and couldn’t even play the demo! And obviously, I am excited for the remake of RE3, doubt I will play it though,
  • KATANA ZERO I LOVE this game, I love the music, the design, the colors, the game-style, the story, the gore, everything about this game! But man, this game is difficult, I haven’t been able to finish it.

I think these are my most memorable examples and again, RPGs, in general, are both loved and hated in some shape or form!

Gaby/mL @Gaby

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