You ever had your woofers blown?

One of my favorite podcast shows recently (by recent I mean about a year or so), it’s the Don’t be Crazy Podcast with Zachary Dale and my friend Justin Cavender.

A podcast arguing for or against your favorite movies.

They are both fun to listen to, talking about movies, old or new and I laugh every time. If you’re looking for a good and fun pod-show to listen to, I highly recommend the Don’t be Crazy Pod!

And, if you want to make sense of the title of this mediocre excuse of a post, go listen to episode 39 where they talk about, one of my favorite movies, ‎Sicario.

/Side note: Justin is also a host on the Pixelated Podcast, a video games show in which I happened to made my first ever appearance on a podcast, I think by accident. 😆

Gabriel S @Gaby

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