When it isn't Dinga it is Mandinga.

Cuando no es Dinga es Mandinga (When it isn’t Dinga it is Mandinga, I am gonna call it a Puerto Rican proverb 😅). Not just my AirPods are acting up, but now, so are my My Powerbeats Pro and it’s super frustrating and annoying. My AirPods are the first-gen, so I am expecting them to act up at this point. But the Powerbeats? They aren’t even a year old and they aren’t cheap either, they are two-hundred and fifty US-fucking-Ds! Plus tax! (Yes I am both annoyed and sleep-deprived). I can,t explain how, both ear-pieces are in the case, and because I know for a fact that you need to make sure they’re well put so they charge properly I make sure all the time. Yet, one is a 100% charged and the left it’s dead. But what’s mind-boggling is the fact that the left piece had at least 50% charge when I put it in. Not only that, usually they charge back up pretty quicly. The thing it’s still stuck at 1% and if I unpair and pair back them back, miraculously, from 1 or 2% it goes up to 50%.

Now the question is. Shall this stay as a post or a support email? 😅

Either way, I hope you all beautiful people have a fantastic day! ✌

Gaby/mL @Gaby

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