I don't have a problem.

🎶 They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, “no, no, no”

I either have a serious problem or is just what it is. I want to think it’s the later, to be honest 😅.

Here I am, changing my task management (🛎) system — again. Here’s my new approach, I have been thinking about this all week. As much as I love apps like OmniFocus, Things 3 (a little) and the very easy to use, cross-platform Todoist, my needs are simple. I need to be honest with myself. I don’t do projects or am a GTD practitioner. I just have a task with a reminder/due date and that’s it. Also I just need lists of things I want to either do, watch, read or write about at some point. Reminders is good for that stuff and I can just shout things to the lady in the phone and they’ll get in there. The systems mentioned above I think are more for very methodical and organizational people, which I am not, like at all!

To help with using reminders, I’ve got a super secret shortcut (it’s really not that secret) that helps with quick capture in natural language.

When it comes to work stuff, it’s all handled through my email so no need for a complex system. I could still use Todoist if I must but just the free tier, no need for most pro features.

Sometimes simpler it’s better. Now, comeback next week to see how this will all change again. 😅🤙🏼

Gabriel S @Gaby

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