The Sacred Mushroom.

Today I was listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, as you do. In between all the bull-poop they were talking about they mentioned the book, THE SACRED MUSHROOM AND THE CROSS: A study of the nature and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near East by John M. Allegro. To which I thought, “this sounds nuts – I must read it!” (😅). I am a sucker for crazy theories and whatnot. So here I am checking in a to see if they have it with no luck. I also went to Audible, no luck either. I did find it on Amazon and I am pretty sure it was through the “Grey market” as they call it, maybe, I am not sure. Eventually, I found a link, a PDF version of the book! The entire book has been, basically pirated, with a Piracy Notice and all!

Piracy notice: In order to keep this information available to the public, this book has been pirated!

A message to those who’ve taken this book out of print. This book will forever circulate. You will never be able to remove it from the public light, as you, the Vatican and Anheuser Busch attempted to do.

In such a case as 2000 years of intellectual hijacking, this book will now remain forever free online.

Though Allegro’s theories seemed extreme at the time, philology today knows he was right. See a publication by Piotr Michalowski in “Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World’s Ancient Languages”, edited by Roger D. Woodard.

To the reader, enjoy a once banned book.

To the suppressors, Fuck you!

Whether the contents of the book are true or not, controversial or what have you, it’s irrelevant to me. This is purely me being curious about it and to have something to do in my downtime at the office.

Gaby/mL @Gaby

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