Every time I see “1-on-1 Gaby” in my calendar, I get scared, I panic and think I am in trouble.

I have been at my current job/position for about six months now and I have had at least five 1-on-1s with my supervisor. And they have been nothing but super productive and very beneficial – never in trouble, so far. I guess I have 1-on-1s PTSD from my previous empolyers or managers. Usually, those meetings meant I was in some kind of trouble or something less productive and or beneficial.

The 1-on1s I have now, are the entire opposite. I love how this company or at least the team I am working alongside, do care about their employee’s success within the company. Not just on a specific role but within the company as a whole.

Today’s meeting was all about my goals and career. What I was hoping to accomplish in the near future to five years from now. My manager was really good at asking me the right questions to figure out which direction we should take to acomplish my goals and aspirations. This is something I never experience in other past jobs.

Gaby/mL @Gaby

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