I called Nintendo.

Today I received a Nintendo eShop Gift Card from my wife, which got me very excited obviously. There’s a new game coming out tomorrow — Darksiders Genesis.

Anyway, every time I get a gift card like this I always assume they’ll be as easy to handle as the Apple ones. You know, you just peel them off and voilà! Well, Nintendo ones, aren’t the case. My first attempt was to, just like Apple’s, to peel the thing and immediately I realized that wasn’t gonna work. I was actually damaging the thing. I tried to scratch the thing with a dime, as you do I guess and just made it worse.

I panicked, as I do and pretty much murdered the thing! I could only make out almost all of it except for characters 8, 9 and 10th.

So I remained calmed and panicked again (😅). And then I calmed down again and called Nintendo, which I have never done. I was scared that they’ll go and say “LOL, you’re SOL buddy” kind of thing.

Here a I called, a nice young lady (by her voice I could tell she was young and definitely a lady) picked up my call. And basically I went over what happened. “My lady got me a gift card and I massacred the thing. Can you please help me?” And she said “Sure! I’ll try to help you with this!”

So she asked me for some alphanumeric code in the back of the thing and there! And she says. “I have access only to the first eight characters”


“Well, 8 I could somewhat make out but definitely need 9 and 10”

Turns out the only have access to those first 8 and the rest are restricted from them. She asks me for an email address, my Nintendo account username and the serial number of my Switch.

She advised that she’ll have to send a ticket to somewhere blah blah, blah. And that I should here something in a day or two.

15 to 20 minutes after that, I get an email.


Thank you for contacting Nintendo! We received enough information to approve and process the following for you:

A credit of $35.00 to your eShop. You will see the funds available the next time you log into your Nintendo eShop account.

Yay Nintendo!

Gaby/mL @Gaby

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