Two Laptops and a Bag.

I am having a little bit of a conundrum. This coming week, I am traveling for work, to Iowa of all places. Not super excited, simply because the idea of going somewhere that is colder than Idaho it’s just not it (😐). Nevertheless, in the past every time I’ve traveled for work, with me I’ll be carrying a laptop computer – my work computer – and an iPad. Well, this time around I won’t be having the iPad with I. Remember, I gave it away, to my lady? Usually, on work-related trips, I mostly will be using my computer but the iPad usually becomes my hotel tv, it’s where I’d watch Netlfix or the Hulus – for media consumption only. What now? What will I use now? I wonder.

One thought and probably the easiest answer to this problem is to take my Macbook Pro with me. However, that would mean I’ll be carrying two laptop machines, in my backpack. I am not sure if I really want to do that nor have I tried to shove two laptops in my super-dupper-fancy Peak Desing 20L Everyday Backpack. My work computer, I consider it a Bahamut, it’s an HP something – 15” I believe. The Mac isn’t that big or heavy, it’s just a 13” and pretty slim, but still. I am thinking about how much weight this will add plus TSA and all that. Plus besides the two machines, I’ll also have the Nintendo Switch (can’t travel without it), my camera and lenses and all the dongleses and cableses!

I don’t know, we will see.


I was thinking about Tom & Jerry this morning and that I could never figure out who was Tom and who was Jerry when I was a kid. 🤔

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