Don’t you find yourself missing some good-old software (or apps in this case)? I have been using iOS as my primary platform of choice and consequentially the iPhone, since the iPhone 4. Since then I have, as you can imagine, purchased a number of apps of different kinds. Note-taking apps, email clients, twitter clients, etc. A few of these made a huge impact on my ‘productivity’ or they even defined the next generation of apps.

Here is my list of apps (or software) that were or are my favorites and in some way, I miss having today. Some of these have not been updated in at least two years or so and may still be around in the App Store and others got pulled and/or retired, for obvious reasons.

  • Vesper, Still to this date my favorite note-taking app, loved the design and typography and how simple it was. I miss it greatly.

  • Mailbox, This email client redefined, at least for me, what email should be like. And I dare to say that many email clients nowadays have followed suit.

  • Dispatch, This was another favorite email client of mine. Until recently it was still been promoted by the App Store and yet it hadn’t been updated in two years or so.

  • Blink, Blink was/is a great way to create iTunes affiliate links on iOS. I believe it’s been retired from the App Store a while ago, I still use it when writing some of my posts to get nice markdown links to apps, Movies, Music and Books that can be found in the app store or iTunes. It is still part of my toolbox in a way, same with Associate for Amazon links.

  • Editorial, My second Tex editor I have ever used and it was great. My first was Byword which it’s still alive and kicking! I really enjoyed Editorial and I’m sure a lot of people still like it but, it hasn’t been updated in a while and so many other apps have gotten so much better.