My blogging workflow.

My current blogging workflow it’s both simple and complicated – in a way. Most of my writing it’s on iOS, using my iPhone XS and Drafts as my main text editor. I have used almost every text editor under the sun and I still like most of them, like iA Writer and Ulysses being the most recent but Drafts makes posting to much easier. I don’t like composing in iA Writer (or Ulysses) and then having to copy and paste when I can, again, just do everything from one app. And again this is all done on the phone. I can compose and even add images to Drafts using shortcuts and Drafts actions. Super simple, no friction, chin-boom-baam (as we say back home).

If you read my unprofessional blog, you’ll know that I gave my iPad away a while back. Consequently, if I am not writing on my phone, I am probably using my Mac, there I use Drafts for Mac and especially since its got Actions Support. This makes my workflow just as easy as it is on iOS, except when having to add in-line images. Then it gets a little tricky (🎶 It’s Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time It’s tricky, tricky (Tricky) tricky 🎶) because currently there aren’t shortcuts support on the Mac. So typically what I would do is use on the web and paste my text there and upload the images. I have been playing with the idea to use MarsEdit at it works great but, still, not sure about that one.

If I am at work, well it can go either way, I can either compose using my phone or like I am doing right now I would use Grammarly. Most of the time it’s just easier to open a tab on Chrome with Grammarly and type away rather than reach for my phone, plus it helps with my grammar. So if you notice some inconsistency in my grammar well, some posts are made using Grammarly and 60 percent of them aren’t. Again, very simple, I compose using Grammarly, copy and paste to the site. I have played in the past with Quill it is a good option if I ever needed to include images to my posts, which I have done before, but is not the usual.

I don’t keep anything I post per se. If it is composed in Drafts, it gets archived or deleted, If I write using Grammarly I think it gets saved on the website but a lot of times I cut and then paste so sometimes they don’t even get saved at all.

I think that is it – for now.

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