"Don't task managing shame me!".

What makes a task so mundane that it can’t go into your task-manager of choice?

This is something I hear a lot, “you don’t add ‘take the trash out’ to your tasks manager!” But, why not? A task is a task. Ain’t it? I mean, I understand, we all have our ways to organize things in different buckets and that’s all fine and dandy. But a lot of times it’s been portrayed as, adding a “mundane” task to your sytem, it’s a big fat no-no. I feel tasks-managing-shamed every time I hear this, el-oh-el.

You are task-managing wrong!!

The only things I consider not to go into my current tasks manager are reoccurring tasks but more specifically, bills. Why is that? Well, since I jump from system to system (judge not – I may cry) there are a few things that I do not want to lose or mess up with, I think. Those would be my bills and my medication, so those have always lived in Reminders and will probably stay that way until the end of times, or until I have paid all my bills, whichever comes first (most likely the end of times 😅). Everything else, no matter what it is, does go into my task manager.

Lately, I have been using Todoist, again. It integrates well with my day-to-day activities since, unfortunately, everything at my current job it’s Windows-based. This is kind of a shame because I did pay a lot of money for both OmniFocus and/or Things 3. I do own these two in every platform (Mac, iOS and iPad), except Windows of course. But I am enjoying Todoist a lot, the Natural Language Parser it’s hard to beat, making quick capturing things super easy and very little or no friction at all.

It’s cool.


Bad night last night. The girls didn’t sleep well. Which means mama and papa didn’t sleep well either. I have warned my coworkers that I may fall asleep at any given moment.

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