I Don’t Feel Interesting Enough

I don’t think I am interesting enough.

I often suffer from the same kind of “self-doubt” (is that a thing?) or like Greg says on his post, from impostor syndrome. So I can totally relate with Greg here.

Even though I don’t think about this as often, every now and then I read something, or listen to something or whatever it may be, that will make me think about it and start questioning myself.

A perfect example was when Greg asked me to be on his podcast, and you are?. My first thought was “But, why me? I’m nobody, not very interesting.” But then I said to myself fuck it, let’s have fun with it — and I did! I had a lot fun chatting with Greg to the point that now I have this idea of maybe starting a micro-cast of my own or something. Even if nobody listens to it, well I’ll make sure at least my wife and my nerdy friends in slack and telegram do 😅. Also need to get some better equipment. But that’s not here nor there.

But it’s one of those things that we all ask ourselves every once in a while. Am I interesting enough? Am I relevant enough? Why I don’t have any more followers (or readers). Why I didn’t make the list? All kinds of questions and doubts.

I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that don’t even think about this shit at all. They don’t care about stats or followers or any of the sorts and to those, I salute you. I do hope that one day I’ll get there too.


I got my ass handed last night playing Star Ocean. Yes, I’m still bitter about that. 😤