New kicks 🥾.

Posted on Jan 19, 2020

I got new kicks today! Part of my new job’s responsibilities it to go out to field grow-outs, for whichever crop and get data from them. A few months back I got my first chance to go out to the fields and it did go very well, for the most part. But my boots though, they were killing me! When I first joined the company, one of the first things the had me do was to pick up some boots. With little experience working on the field, previously I was just a lab rat pretty much, I got what I thought was good for the job. Well, they are very amazing boots but also way too heavy and probably much more than what I really needed.

I expressed this to my manager when I got back from my trip and she suggested to get hiking boots instead. It made sense, they’re still (most of them) water proof, good grip and — most importantly — they are lightweight.

So I got me some Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator Mid Hiking Boots at our local REI.

I was very torn between getting these on blue rather than brown. Who would have thought that buying a pair of boots could have been so difficult, in a way.

Ultimately I went for the brown ones. These are going to be used in places where there will be dirt, sand and mud. So it seemed brown to be the more practical ones.

They are extremely comfortable! I am very happy with my purchase, so far.

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