Puerto Ricans ROCK!

It is very sad what’s going on in my country of origin, Puerto Rico, right now with the all the earthquakes. We aren’t used to that, we aren’t prepared for this kind of event. Hurricanes, sure bring it on! We are used to it, we can handle it. But earthquakes? That’s a whole different game. And yet we come together, they come together as one to overcome this adversity, they help each other, we/they are strong people! Love seeing all the videos and pictures of people from other parts of the island in caravans, carrying the Puerto Rican flag 🇵🇷, delivering necessities, bringing aide and helping out the people in the towns affected.

What pisses me off though, about the whole situation are the (F-bomb) politicians of the island. They take advantage of the situation to promote themselves. They take advantage of people’s necessities and their struggle to do stupid politics !!! People are suffering, people are struggling and they are doing campaign in the middle of all of it instead actually helping! Obviously we don’t need these idiots! We do way better without them as a country.

(F-bomb) politics, especially in times like these. It’s about the people and the help they need! Keep the damn politics out of it!

My heart and thoughts go to all my fellow Puerto Ricans. I know they’ll overcome this. Puerto Ricans fucking ROCK!

pictures found on the Twitters

Gaby/mL @Gaby

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