I gave the iPad Pro away.

Starting 2020 the right way? Well, this is not a The-iPad-doesn’t-work-for-me type post. Please allow me explain before you all judge me (😅).

I handed the 11” iPad Pro to my wife. Like I posted before, 98% of the times I interact with iOS it’s on my phone, the iPhone XS and very little on the iPad. Even though I carry the iPad with me at all times, still doesn’t get used as much. Most of the time when I have used it (or still use it) it’s for reading, usually comic books.

That being said, my wife has been wanting to get her own iPad for a while. So I have decided to save her the money. This morning I restored the iPad Pro and made her set it up for her with the condition I could install Comixology. So the iPad isn’t leaving the household, it just has a different iCloud account now and will actually get some use.

Now I am using the MacBook Pro more often and to be honest I kinda missed it. And now that Drafts for Mac got actions support, I feel like my blogging workflow is complete again on the Mac.

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