I have the first generation AirPods and they have been the greatest piece of Apple technology I have bought. They have served me well and I carry them with me all the time. But now, it’s like, I just don’t like them anymore.

Why? Well, let me explain with the best of my abilities (😅). I think the first thing that made me ‘not like them as much’ anymore was when I got my Power Beats Pro. I got these exclusively for the gym, the regular AirPods were always falling as I moved around and when running sometimes. So the PBP are perfect, and the sound quality was/is much much better than the AirPods.

Second, the release of the 3rd generation aka the AirPods Pro. As I was traveling recently I actually saw a few of them in the wild, actually many more that I would expected to see. And they look so much better than the regular AirPods, they look nice and much less conspicuous, the stem isn’t as long as the regular ones so they don’t stand out very much. And I like that very much. It kind of very much ruined my regular AirPods for me, now I feel like I have this PBC pipe hanging from my ear (😂).

All of that and also they are starting to show their age. One AirPod it’s lauder than the other, even though I have ‘suck it up’ and clean them often. Battery doesn’t last as long and, again, they look ugly now!

However, I don’t see myself buying a pair of the Pro’s anytime soon. I mean, I got my PBP a few months ago and I paid 250.00 USDs for them, I’m not ready to spend another 250.00 USDs on the AirPods Pro just yet.

Who knows? 🤷🏻‍♂️