by Gaby

VG Games.

There is something that has been on my mind since I think last night. As I have expressed before, there are too many games that have been recently released and that I want to play most of them. But, do I really, want to play them all? Do I want to play them because I am really a fan of the game/franchise? Or, do I want to play these because everybody else is? Everyone is talking about it and, you know, FOMO.

Instead of asking what’s everybody playing and enjoying, I should be asking myself. What brings me joy to play? Is it a racing game instead of, let us say, a Pokemon game. Maybe it’s not a new game that had just come out but maybe revisit an old game that I loved. Like maybe, re-play Assasins Creed Odyssey (for like the 4th time) or even Horizon Zero Dawn (that game was so good).

I feel like in the past I have gotten games for the wrong reasons. “Everyone is talking about this game so I have to play it”! And then I either don’t stick to it or I do enjoy it but maybe I sacrificed another game that probably would have been more in my alley.

Decisions, decisions…


I kind of want a new domain name. 😂🤦‍♂️😅