So Many Games.

So many games, so little time (and perhaps also so little money). Been a gamer, or video games enthusiasts, used to be a lot easier back in the day. Nowadays, not so much! I have been playing video games since forever. The first console I owned I remember was the SEGA Master System. Does anyone remember Alex Kidd in The Miracle World?

Anyhoo, I am still a video game enthusiast these days but as I get older and life gets more complicated, there is less time and patience for video games, sadly enough. There’s very little time for playing, especially when you have kiddos. I currently own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One S, a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo DS XL (that I barely use at all). Oh! and still, have a Super Nintendo (both the original and the mini one that got released recently) and a GameCube.

I lost my point…

The thing is, I wish I had all the time in the world to play all the good games in all these consoles and systems that I own. Sometimes I want to play games out of nostalgia, Like Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for example (Nintendo’s remake of Metal Gear Solid from PSone), or Xenogears from PSone. Lately, I have been wanting to play Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4 again or some Halo on the Xbox. Then on top of all these, you got all the cool Nintendo Switch games that had come out that I also want to play. like Zelda Link’s Awakening, (finish) Astral Chain, Pokemon Shield, (finish) KATANA ZERO even when it’s too difficult and have no patience for it, (finish) Dragon Quest XI (which apparently I lack of the attention span necessary for this game), (finish) Fire Emblem: Three Houses and for whatever reason, I always come back to lay Diablo 3, it’s such a great game. Like I have said, so many games!

One thing I have also been doing in the recent year or so, it’s buying games I already own in other consoles on the Switch as they’ve been coming out. A few examples would be Darksiders and Dragon Ball FighterZ and some other remakes like I want The Witcher III for the Switch as well among others. It’s so much more convenient to play on the Switch these days. I mean with the consoles it seems like it takes forever to just start playing. Plus I can play the Switch while the lady is watching TV, I can take it with me, the games load right up and I can put it aside if I need to take care of something and pick up right where I left off without too much hassle.

Again, I just wish I had more time and attention span!