To re-post or not to re-post?

Yesterday I presented a question, asking about what most people do when updating a blog post. Whether they update and let it be or update and repost, something along those lines. I got very good responses from the community, my thanks to all of them.

Here are my thoughts on it. The way I feel about it, if I post something and it has grammar errors or typos (which happens all the fracking time), I update those the best I can, whether I notice them myself or they are pointed out and let it be. My dilemma comes when let’s say I post something and then I go “Oh! I forgot to mention this thing and/or clarify this other thing!” So at that point. Do I add whatever I want to add (let’s say it’s a whole paragraph), delete the old post and reposted but with a note that says “update”? or, Do I just add whatever needs to be added, still annotate that there’s an update but don’t re-post?

I have never done it, yet, but the reason I may consider re-posting (if there’s a significant update to my original post, that is) it’s because no one will know that something has been changed or updated unless they stumble upon my post after the fact. Or if they have an RSS reader application like Feedbin that actually – if you didn’t know – tracks changes and I think it actually brings the article (or post) back to the unread list if I recall correctly.

I don’t know, unprofessional blogging shouldn’t be this complicated I think (😅) but sometimes I like to overthink things, thus overcomplicating things in the process.

Again, thank you all for your input, I truly appreciate it.

Gabz/mL @Gabz

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