πŸ”— I'm an Unprofessional Blogger

by Chris J Wilson

This blog post resonated with me at so many levels!

About 10 years ago, I wanted to be a professional blogger. Now I’m happy to be an unprofessional blogger.

Not 10 years for me, my first published post was back in 2016, so 3 years now or so. I have written about this before, at first I wanted, probably not a full-on Pro-blog but maybe a semi-pro blog, probably because that was all I was reading at the time. I was reading “professional” blogs, some serious writing, so that created the standard for me. Little did I know that blogging goes beyond just that. Maybe it was something to do with having Facebook at the time. Facebook was my blogging platform, if you will, and of course it was very informal. Thus, in my mind, if you were to have your own site for your blog it had to be pro or semi-pro at least.

As an unprofessional blogger I can - write about what I want, when I want - not write when I don’t want to (and not apologies!)

A hundred times this !! When I write on my own “unprofessional blog”, I can write about whatever I want, no topics, no formalities, no rules and/or standards. I am simply thinking out loud, typing it and publishing it!

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