An Instalurker?

I’m in this dilema (again) about Instagram. A while ago I had deleted my account. I got tired of the algorithms, the way this service it’s ran by its mother company Facebook among other reasons. Until one day I started having “Instagram-withdrawals” in someway. I started missing to see the pictures of some friends and family and also there are some “internet celebrities” that I was missing seen their posts about. Or my favorite photographers’s posts like Travis Jensen, for example. So I opened a new account, started following my friends and family and internet celebrities and my excuse was “this is the less Facebooky way to do it”. Well, it’s been good all this time until recently. The same reasons I left the service awhile ago, are coming back to hunt me (πŸ˜…). I’m annoyed at the algorithm, at the company’s policies and of course the fact that it’s Facebook owned.

So here’s my thing this time around though. Last time I just closed the account β€” boom, done! Now I’m thinking, maybe I should keep it open but just to browse/lurk around and not post anything there β€” not giving them any of my data. Just be an Instalurker not a participant. Would that make a difference? Shall I just close it? I don’t know.

Gabz/mL @Gaby